Masculinity So Frail

Image of the NSA Rugby Lineup. No photographer credit given by the source.

Trigger Warning: Post contains an image of a woman which might drive weak-willed men into an uncontrollable frenzy of lust.

In my last post, I talked about the weak form of masculinity espoused in the Kirk. It’s a form of masculinity that promotes bluster, bullying and chest thumping vs. actual spiritual strength. This is a useful form of control because it allows the men to feel like men while giving up their authority.

Sarah Roorda screencapped a conversation from Wilson’s ‘Gospel for Victims’ blogpost that perfectly illustrates the weakness behind their theology of men. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Sarah.




This is what Doug Wilson’s theology on manhood leads to. In their world, men have no self control and the sight of a young teenage girl in a cute outfit with bright lipstick will turn them into a raping animal. For reference, here’s a young woman in a skimpy (having been in Moscow I know young women have been told that the neckline on this blouse is unacceptable) blouse with bright lipstick.


I suppose we’re all lucky that the image cuts off at the knees, because if bare knees were shown all bets would be off.

“Combine a skimpy blouse with a flirtatious look, a whiff of perfume, a casual hug, some bright lipstick and some innuendo-laced conversation… I’m telling you, the guy is toast.”

Does the above ring true for the men you know? I’m going to guess not, whether they’re 14, 24 or 54 it doesn’t matter. If that was true then a mall could’t go a day without filing a couple dozen police reports. This is how low a Wilsonian theology on masculinity views men. I’m surprised that Malachi made a dig at the “Muslim black coveralls” because that is exactly where this form of theology leads.

“You say, “I don’t know what… a skimpy blouse has to do with anything” and I say you’ve never walked a mile in a boy’s shoes.”

Malachi, I’ve walked many, many miles in a boy’s shoes. My shoes have tracked through multiple college campuses, these shoes have been at dances, bars, churches and malls. Never once have I felt the urge to rape someone. Nor have they led me to a 14 or 24 year old’s bedroom who, quote, “knew exactly what she was doing”. Doug Wilson’s followers, as illustrated above, truly believe that a little cleavage and some makeup can turn an upright, well intentioned man into a sexual terror.

This is a rape apologetic. This is an attempt to try and rationalize and excuse the actions of those who harm and violate other people and no amount of pseudo-masculine bluster about hog-tying, horsewhipping and shooting someone between the eyes can subtract from that. And remember, there is context to this. The reason we’re talking about 14 year olds and grown men is that Jamin Wight’s victim was around that age when he was 23 years old and began his abuse. That is the man that Malachi, without naming him, is trying to explain the behavior of. A man who would later go on to beat and strangle his wife.

This is why Doug Wilson creates fake people like “Foxy Bubbles” the stripper that can seduce and corrupt a holy man of God. This is why he talks about people like Phillips and Wight from suffering from “excessive testosterone”. Because in their view, men are weak and they need someone of supreme spiritual authority to lead them, guide them and cover for them when their excessive testosterone leads them astray.

Everyone should be wary of a community built around this kind of belief. Where men are one tube of lipstick away from becoming a sexual monster and are encouraged to display their masculinity through violent sports and chest beating rather than a servant and sacrificial mindset. Please think twice before sending your son or daughter to New Saint Andrews, and please think twice before attending Greyfriars Hall and becoming a tool for someone who sees you as a means to control more people, to subvert more men.


One thought on “Masculinity So Frail

  1. Wilson indeed believe ordinary men are very close to being rapists. In his infamous “men conquer (and) colonize” in the bedroom, and women “accept, yield, surrender” and rape happens because egalitarians “quarrel with the way the world is”, he says:

    Men dream of being rapists, and women find themselves wistfully reading novels in which someone ravishes the “soon to be made willing” heroine. “

    He does not say a small minority of men dream of being rapists, or that bad men dream of being rapists. Men, in his view, dream of being rapists when they cannot conquer (get a woman to yield and surrender) without it.

    In other words, rape seems to be his view of how men normally deal with it when women say “no.”

    From more psychological sources, I hear that the people most likely to believe all/ most men rape, are … rapists.


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