Masculinity So Fragile

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Recently, CREC Memes might have posted their most relevant meme yet:

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Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho promotes the most faux form of masculinity I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a fragile form of masculinity that thrives on bluff and blunder while lacking any real substance. What they offer is a television form of masculinity. Football first took a hold of America when the young men felt like they needed something to prove their worth in a world at peace. No matter how much you enjoy the sport, excelling at football is no judge of character and worth. This is why such an emphasis has been placed on showboating exercises in the Kirk like boxing and rugby.

The purpose of this is to raise future men. Rough and tumble men who will be the spiritual heads of their families. Men who will stand for what is right and just, men who won’t shirk from a fight. The problem is is that this isn’t what the Kirk wants. They are happy to support the bread and circuses, the blustering and chest beating to make men feel like they have power and control, but when it comes to the actual exercise of it, that’s a different story.

Playing rugby, or getting your nose broken in a boxing match doesn’t make you more manly than someone who sits in their room and plays video games or watch Netflix. It’s a distraction from true manliness, from love and sacrifice. It’s the promise of setting up a little lord to oversee the tiny kingdom of their wife and children, but only so long as they pay proper tribute to the king. Those who disagree with Wilson’s decisions, who take a moral stand against him, are cast out. You must swear your fealty. as Dr. Schuler was asked to do, or be cast aside.

In the passage of the Bible that patriarchs love the most, wives are called to submit to their husbands, but they conveniently forget the passages that precede it, where we are asked to submit to each other.  This is anathema to the Kirk, you are either on board with everything or you will be pushed off the train. As your spiritual head, you are supposed to submit to them in everything, and as to the love they are supposed to give in return? That has already been well documented.

There is nothing wrong about enjoying a football game, playing rugby, or even a boxing match. But don’t let that delude you into thinking you’re somehow more manly than someone committed to their D&D campaign. That is a tool, a distraction to to divert you away from the real problems, to give up your true authority and what you should be doing.

Wilson has raised up an army of men utterly submissive and dependent on him, and as he falters, so do they. I implore you, follow the examples of those who have shown true love and submission before you and stand up to him. Hold him accountable. Don’t let your faith be reliant on the standing of this man who is unable to accept and assume fault. Demand better.

2 thoughts on “Masculinity So Fragile

  1. “an army of men utterly submissive and dependent on him”

    Jesus had strong words about submitting to anyone but God. I hope Mr. Wilson comes to see this. Even if he doesn’t, I hope his followers will wake up and smell the gospel coffee.


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